Brimington tumour girl’s Disney wish

NDET 31-7-12 RKH 4 Tara Fuester and daughter Chloe.
NDET 31-7-12 RKH 4 Tara Fuester and daughter Chloe.

“When they said she wouldn’t pull through it just didn’t seem real.”

The heart-wrenching words of Mum, Tara Fewster, 34, who has been through a living nightmare after being told her ten-year-old daughter Chloe had brain cancer.

Tara was told by doctors Chloe, was too poorly to survive the surgery.

But the youngster - who lives with her mum and her two sisters Kasie, 12 and Jessica, 14 in Brimington - has defied the odds and is recovering after her eighth operation in just seven weeks. Now fundraisers want to raise enough money to send Chloe on her dream trip to Disney World to swim with dolphins.

The youngster was rushed to hospital in May after an optician noticed massive swelling behind her eyes.

“She nearly went blind from it, and it has left her colour blind,” said Tara, a health care assistant who has kept vigil at Chloe’s bedside ever since.

In one operation, doctors removed a two inch squared piece of her skull to ease swelling.

Tara added: “They are still treating to cure. They have not said she will, but we have still got hope. She has got brain damage from the operations, but we don’t know if it is permanent.

“All we keep thinking is that she defied the doctors pulling through all those times, it has to mean something.”

Steve and Tracie Coupe, the founders of Chesterfield charity, Cancer Relief UK, heard of Chloe’s inspirational story, and have stepped in to help the family raise money to send Chloe on her dream Disney World trip.

“It is just heartbreaking” said Steve. “We just want to do anything we can to help her.”

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