BRIMINGTON: Speaker’s talk on history of Hasland and Calow

Derbyshire’s poet laureate, Matt Black, joined BEANS Coffee Shop Gallery’s poetry group on March 1. He shared his poems, shared group members’ poems, got his audience writing and even encouraged the collective shouting of ‘Granny Power’. It was a fantastic evening. The group hopes to have Matt back again before his reign ends in September.

Philip Riden will be talking about the history of Hasland and Calow to this Thursday’s meeting of the Brimington and Tapton Local History Group. Mr Riden, county editor of the Derbyshire Victoria County History (VCH), will detail how the history of these two parishes is being researched by VCH. He will share some of the results of that research and hopefully answer some questions, such as why Hasland’s St Paul’s church is not in the village centre. He will also touch on some of the historic buildings and industry in Hasland – formerly a much larger parish than it is today – which used to include Boythorpe, Grassmoor and Derby Road. Calow will also be covered in the illustrated talk, which is in Brimington Church Hall, Church Street, Brimington, starting at 7.30pm; doors opening at 7pm. All are welcome.

Last month’s talk saw David Templeman cover Sheffield in Tudor and Stuart times. The history of Sheffield Castle and its deer park, along with Manor Lodge and other buildings of the period were explored and illustrated.

Copies of the local history group’s yearly publication will be available at Thursday’s meeting, including the latest issue, published in January. This includes an article on Brimington’s Second World War incendiary bomb raid, which also affected Middlecroft, along with reminiscences of the period. There is also an article on a notorious murder in the village. Further information is available from the group’s chairman, Doug Spencer by telephoning 01246 224678.