BRIMINGTON: Police patrols’ bid to tackle car damage

Cllr Peter Cawthorne chaired the March meeting of Brimington Parish Council.

Cllr Peter Cawthorne chaired the March meeting of Brimington Parish Council.

Cllr Cawthorne declared a prejudicial interest in correspondence regarding the bowling club lease and said he would leave the meeting.

PCSO L. Bradbury reported crime figures and the reduction compared to last year. Police patrols are trying to tackle car damage and there is to be a monthly “speed watch” which members of the public can assist with if they wish. Parking outside schools remains a problem but patrols are making a presence to warn people parking and possibly causing an obstruction and letters have been sent out to parents from the schools.

Mrs Mullins presented a book to the parish council which is a tribute to the First World War dead of Brimington. The parish council gave special thanks.

Invitations were received from Chesterfield Borough Council for a civic service and nayoral dinner which Cllr P. Cawthorne would attend with a guest.

Planning applications presented were: variation of condition 2 of proposed ground Floor plan & elevations’ with drawings for The Brimington Surgery, Church Street, Brimington -no comment; non material amendment to changing clay tile mono pitch roof to a felt flat roof at 17 Eastmoor Road- no comment; removal of two sycamore trees and felling five sycamore trees on land formerly known as Brookside Farm Chesterfield Road – no comment; felling of ash at 35 Hedley Drive no comment; side extension to exsting garage at 1 Victoria Grove – no comment; erection of two steel sheds in playgroung at Manor Infant School, Manor Road - no comment.

At the Community Centre a heavy duty range double oven six burners with ventilation canopy, extract fan and gas solenoid including installation is to be fitted during the week commencing April 1.

The clerk is to write to Chesterfield Borough Council regarding the waste bin when emptied being left on the turning area at the rear of the Community Centre and not returned to the correct place and Cllr C. Brown will contact the Indoor Bowling Club regarding items left in the store room, and the Youth Club are to be spoken to regarding their items being put away safely in the store room. Also, the clerk would email the electrician’s details to Cllr P. Cawthorne regarding the lights in the Main Hall.

The clerk is to write to the nominees of the Civic Duty and Young Acheivers award to ask if they will accept the awards.

Cllr Burrows to report from meeting with the Police with regards to the Remembrance Parade. Cllrs W. Burrows (representing Brimington PC and as a county councillor) and I. Callan attended the meeting and a road closure form was given to the clerk to invite Rev D. Cooke, Mr M. Thorpe and Ms C. Hutchinson to a meeting on April 9, at 6pm in the Community Centre.

Community Forums notices put on notice board included how the proposed HS2 route will affect the Chesterfield Canal restoration, Equality Public Duties Scheme – to discuss adoption of the scheme (copies previously circulated); Equality and Diversity Policy - to discuss adoption of the scheme (copies previously circulated; correspondence regarding the Brimington Bowling Club lease - the clerk is to write to the bowling club giving details and confirm the lease will be relinquished by the parish council on March 31, 2014; Chesterfield Borough Council – confirmation of the Community Centre premises for the May 2, 2013, polling station; Chesterfield Borough Council – Heritage Asset Nominations volunteer Cllr to sit on the panel, Cllr P. Cawthorne nominated; Chesterfield Borough Council Proposed Main Modifications to the Submission Chesterfield Borough Local Plan: Core Strategy consultation extended date to April 3, 2013.

Next monthly meeting to be held on April 9, 2013 at 7pm.