BRIMINGTON: Parking concerns outside junior school raised at parish council meeting



Cllr Peter Cawthorne chaired the February meeting of Brimington Parish Council, attended by Cllrs . Bellamy, C. Brown, W. Burrows, I.Callan, J. Haywood, A. Thomson, B. Weston and S. Yates and PCSO Sgt McInulty, four members of the public and the clerk. Apologies were received by Cllr K. Bird.

Residents attended the meeting to ask the council if they could do anything to help with the problem of vehicles parking on the grass verges creating a mess and inconsideration for other road users and pedestrians outside Brimington Junior School, residents also spoke of their concern for children emerging between parked vehicles. Sgt McInulty, Safety Neighbourhood Sergeant, said he would pass the comments onto the PCSOs.

Residents from Pondwell Close spoke of their concerns regarding the Chesterfield Borough Council plans and to build houses in their vicinity. No decision would be made by the borough until the consultation finishes on February, 7, 2013 - this date has been extended by two weeks. The clerk would notify this resident if and when plans for building in his area of Brimington were to be received by the parish council.

Sgt McInulty gave figures of incidents in Brimington, he also spoke of borough councillor J. Lowe trying to get a youth seat on the Green. Sgt McInulty spoke of the fact that the youths have consistently been told to move on from the bus shelter but they have nowhere else to go. Cllr Burrows spoke of the bus shelter that is used by residents and though the youths are a nuisance they are not criminals.

Cllr Burrows also spoke of the double parking on Heywood Street and asked if Sgt McInulty could look into this as waste collection, ambulances etc., cannot access the street.

The following planning applications were received: 27 Foljambe Road, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 1DD - Crown reduction of three sycamore trees, one willow tree and a row of eight poplar trees – no comment; 27 Foljambe Road, Brimington, Chesterfield Derbyshire - Crown reduction of two lime trees – no comment; public footpath no. 9 (part) Brimington continuing as public footpath no 17 (part) Chesterfield - temporary footpath closure from February 25, 2013 to March 29, 2013 – resurfacing canal towpath – information circulated; engineering works to restore former landfill comprising re-grading of lane adjacent area, installation of a capping system and importation of restoration soils, together with the formation of a surface water lagoon, Former Staveley Works, off Works Road, Hollingwood, Derbyshire for Saint Gobain PM – No Comment; erection of five dwellings land between 2A Heywood Street and 1 Heywood Villas, Heywood Street – to object as this would increase and create further parking problems.

it was resolved that the parish council does not contribute to Mr and Mrs Mullins request for a donation towards the cost of publishing a memorial book as a tribute to the First World War victims of Brimington because the council does not give donations to individuals.

Brimington Parish Council has successfully gained Quality Status and thanks have been expressed to the clerk for her hard work in achieving the Quality Status.

Grit Bin on Windmill Way has been filled by DCC at a cost of £101.

The next monthly meeting is to be held on Tuesday, March 12, at 7pm.