BREAKING: Derbyshire A-level results - Birkdale School

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These are the results for the north Derbyshire A-level students from Birkdale School.

M Adler, Econ, Fr, GS, His. R Boot, Class Civil, GS, Geog, Psych. B Brown, Biol, Geog, Maths. P Gardiner, Biol, Chem, GS, Maths. E Gillott, Des and Tech, Econ, GS, Maths. R Green, Des and Tech, Eng Lit, GS, Theatre. B Grover, Eng Lit, GS, Psych. O Hepplewhite, Biol, Chem, Psych. E Hodgson, Art, Des and Tech, GS. D Hughes, Des and Tech, GS, Geog, Maths. G Kinnear, BS, Geog, Maths. J McArtney, Econ, Maths, Phys. J Myers, Chem, Econ, GS, Maths. T Nofal, Biol, Des and Tech, Econ . M Oakey, BS, Des and Tech, PE. J Ostrovskis, BS, Des and Tech, GS, Psych. J Riley, BS, Econ, Psy. A Simpson, Chem, GS, Maths, Further Maths, Phys. O Smith, Biol, GS, Geog, Psych. J Weston, Biol, Geog, Math. T Wilkinson, Art, Des and Tech, Maths.