Brave crash victim’s hope

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A YOUNG woman who suffered severe spinal injuries in a car crash leaving her unable to move all four of her limbs has spoken out on UK Spinal Injuries Awareness Day.

Rosie Mayes, from Dronfield was just 20 when she was seriously injured in December 2009, when a car she was travelling in overturned. She suffered catastrophic damage to her spinal cord, spending 10 months in the Spinal Injuries Unit at Sheffield’s North General Hospital.

Rosie is now tetraplegic - meaning she is paralysed in all four limbs - and is undergoing therapy and rehabilitation.

Commenting on her injury, she said: “Suffering a spinal cord injury has really opened my eyes to what’s important and has made me keen to focus on the things I care about, such as being with my closest friends and family and getting back to university. I’m determined to continue with my life as I always planned.

“I’m keen for people to know that just because a person has suffered this type of injury, it doesn’t change who they are - I have not become a different person, I still want to be able to do all of same things I did before.”

Before her accident, Rosie was studying history at York University. She is now planning to return to university in September 2011, this time in Sheffield.

To mark Spinal Injuries Awareness Day, which was on May 20, Rosie is supporting the Inspiration Tour, a 3000-mile European motorcycle ride. If you would like to support Team Rosie, donations can be made at – search for Catherine Tankard.