BRAMPTON: Variety is the spice of talks to ladies club

The Brampton Ladies Club’s final two meetings of the summer session held at Storrs Road Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings were totally different speakers. Alva Chiro and Heather Shaw gave a talk entitled ‘A Right Good Read’. They were thanked on behalf of the group by Eileen Batteson. Nancy Hogan was the winner of the lucky draw. Refreshments were served by Celia Scattergood and Winnifred Slack.

The final week was spent in the company of Pat Hall, a very funny lady from Ashbourne, whose talk was entitled ‘Let’s Have a Laugh’ which is what the group did. Ann Dilkes gave the vote of thanks. The lucky draw winner was Diana Drury. Refreshments were served by Marion Maycock and Joan Green.

After the summer break the ladies will meet in September for a social evening with food. Further details about the group can be obtained from Margaret Edwards, telephone 01246 279368. New members are always welcome.