BRAMPTON: Storrs Road Methodist Church’s Wesley Guild visit natural therapy gardens

The Wesley Guild from Storrs Road Methodist Church enjoyed a visit to Winthrop Park gardens instead of the usual evening monthly meeting.

They wandered through the beautiful award winning gardens and nature therapy park honoured by the Queen in 2009. Paths lead to themed areas planted with thousands of colourful and scented plants, shrubs and trees which delight and stimulate the senses as well as creating an oasis of rest, tranquillity and peace.

When the garden was created the concept of nature therapy was totally new. However, the power of nature and aspects of positive thinking are now proven to benefit in physical and mental healing, as well as bringing communities together. Rather than utilising a green space for the project the decision was made by the trustees to undertake a major environmental scheme, and the charity purchased a former derelict and contaminated sewage works – a blight in the local community. Significant hard work in recycling materials, rejuvenating the land, and planting to cope with the soil conditions eventually turned the site in to the beautiful sensory gardens it is today – a haven of peace and nature at its best.

The group enjoyed lunch in the Chataway’s Tea Room.