BRAMPTON: Harvest festival at Storrs Road Methodist Church

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Storrs Road Methodist Church held their harvest festival on Sunday. The church had not been decorated prior to the Worship4All café style service except for a dented tin of beans to represent a ‘bare cupboard’.

During the service, bags of donated tins and dried goods were brought in and displayed on the window ledges and communion table. These donations will be sent to the Chesterfield Food Bank. Ben Martin who has project managed the food bank, gave an overview of what the food bank does and how it helps people who are unable to provide themselves with food and also need a ‘listening ear’.

Members of the 2nd Chesterfield Boys’ Brigade attended the service with Daniel Shipley parading the company colour, escorted by Thomas Armstrong-Read. The service was led by Clive Dennis and members of the Worship Group who performed a sketch entitled ‘The Benevolence Corps’.