Boy, 12, hit by car outside Chesterfield school

Liam Megyesi
Liam Megyesi

A 12-year-old boy may struggle to walk for the rest of his life after being hit by a car as he left school.

Doctors say Liam Megyesi was lucky not to lose his foot following the accident outside St Mary’s Catholic High School in Chesterfield.

Now Liam’s mum and the school are calling for urgent safety measures to be put in place.

Kim Megyesi, of Chesterfield, said: “I don’t want another family to have to go through this.

“There needs to be something done on that road, it’s just a shame that my son had to be a victim for this to be raised.”

Sean McClaffety, head eacher at St Mary’s, said the school was putting together a petition to present to Derbyshire County Council.

Four pupils have now been hit by cars on Newbold Road in the last six years - including one youngster who was hit by a car on Tuesday but not seriously injured.

He added: “I firmly believe it won’t be a case of if another accident happens but when.

“I don’t want to be visiting any more pupils in hospital.

“I want the council to do something about this. It should be one of their priorities.”

Mr McClaffety said the school had 700 pupils and at home time the area was busy with 17 school buses and parents’ cars.

He added: “I think all schools should have a road crossing so children can cross safely.

“At the moment you see them trying to cross the busy road and your heart is in your mouth.”

“When I visited Liam the over-riding emotion was of anger that this has happened.

“After the first accident it took two years before the speed limit was lowered outside the school,” he said.

Liam faces many operations to rebuild his foot including bone surgery and skin grafts at Sheffield Hospital.

The sporty youngster is currently bed bound following the incident earlier this month and will be off school for around eight weeks.

Kim said: “He’s very active and energetic and loves school.

“He’s in the top set for all of his subjects.

“He’s already been worrying about his school work and getting behind.”

She added: “Doctors have said he might not make a full recovery and will struggle to walk for some time.

“He’s not too bad in himself but does keep having nightmares about the accident.”

No action has been taken against the driver, who stopped at the scene.

A county council spokesman said: “Safety is always our top priority and we take the concerns of parents and the school seriously.

“We have already met with the head teacher and will continue to work him.”