Bouncers train in High Peak nightclub days before being on duty in Arndale Shopping Centre during knife attack

Door supervisors who recently took part in a training exercise at a club in Buxton put their skills into practice during the recent knife attack in Manchester on Friday.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 11:11 am
Security looking out at the dance floor during the training exercise.

The five supervisors took part in realistic simulated incidents including a staged knife, gun and acid attack scenarios at Buxton’s Level 2 night club.

This came just three days before they found themselves on duty at the Arndale Shopping Centre where they used their knowledge to keep people safe during the attack.

The training exercise saw police volunteers and actors from Inspirations Theatre Company, based in Chesterfield, play the roles of offenders, victims and onlookers to test how security professionals from across the High Peak would manage the incidents.

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The security officers acted out how they would treat the victim of an acid attack.

Each scenario was monitored by officers from Derbyshire Police's licensing and counter terrorism teams, SIA (Security Industry Authority) officers, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and High Peak Borough Council Licensing, who then offered advice and feedback and on how it was managed, and gave the door staff an opportunity to speak out about any areas or issues where they felt they needed extra support or training.

Ssergeant Mat Winterbottom, of the North Division Licensing Team, said: “We have been working alongside the SIA for many months to set up this training to help our door security staff feel prepared to deal with incidents like these, which are rare, but are still important as they help keep people safe should the worse happen.

“Unfortunately, just a few days after this training, some of the security staff who took part found themselves in a real situation where this advice had to be put in to practice.”

“We would like to thank all our volunteers and actors, and staff from Saxon Security and Level 2 for their support of the initiative.”

Police worked with the Security Industry Authority, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, Level 2, Saxon Security and High Peak Borough Council.

Indarjit Singh, the SIA’s Partnerships and Interventions East Region investigations officer, who said of the event: “It was a success and the feedback from the industry has been very positive so far. All of the performers including Saxon Security and the actors and volunteers did a cracking job playing the roles of ‘attacker’ and ‘victims’ of the simulated assaults. This was a good demonstration and an example of partnership working with the common goal of making our communities safer.”

John Sandlin, the SIA’s Senior Manager from its Partnerships and Interventions team said the exercise was a good initiative: “Tuesday’s activity was really positive for the industry, the police, the regulator and the venue as they all came together to improve standards. It was great to see so many people in one room achieving the same goal, learning and sharing good practice ultimately making the night time economy space safer for the public and staff that use it.”

This type of training was the first to take place in Derbyshire and is being rolled out to other parts of the county.

A briefing for the crowd before the training gets underway.
The dance floor during the training exercise.
A evacuation was also practised.