Boss asks PM for support

Franke Sissons' MD Andy Dukelow.
Franke Sissons' MD Andy Dukelow.

A TOP manufacturer has urged Prime Minister David Cameron to support UK companies who are struggling with costly sanitaryware legislation while other countries are spared the same controls and are free to flood the market with non-complaint imports.

Managing director Andy Dukelow, of Franke Sissons, of Carrwood Road, Chesterfield, has written to the PM explaining how manufacturers have to secure certifications for their products and they need to invest heavily into complying with directives, schemes and criteria.

Franke Sissons, which produces sanitary ware and wash basins, also supports water conservation directives and engages with Defra.

Mr Dukelow told the PM: “Our company invests heavily in these areas to ensure we comply with legislation and supports the national drive to save water and hopefully boost sales and growth.

“The Government fails to support any of these actions in that there is a complete lack of any scheme of control which ensures compliance. This in turn allows cheap imports into the country which do not have the required certification.”

Mr Dukelow is concerned given the Goverment’s intention to boost British manufacturing growth and urged the PM to enforce commercial sanitaryware legislation with universally compliant import controls.