Booze seized from teens


THREE cans of lager, two bottles of wine and more than two litres of cider have been seized from two underage drinkers in Grassmoor.

Police confiscated the booze from two 16-year-old boys at around 8pm on Friday, April 27, at Grassmoor Country Park.

The alcohol was taken as part of patrols by officers to target anti-social behaviour after residents said they were concerned about groups of youngsters gathering, underage drinking and nuisance.

Officers from the Eastern Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are targeting the issue as a priority.

As part of the clampdown police are making use of ‘three strike’ powers which make it illegal for anyone under 18 to be in possession of alcohol in a public place on three or more occasions in a 12 month period.

The legislation, under Section 30 of the Policing and Crime Act, officers can seize the alcohol and record their details while informing their parents or carers, and, if appropriate, put the young people in touch with other agencies who can support them.

If they are caught with booze for a third time they face being summoned to court and further action.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt. Aiden Stones said: “The vast majority of young people in the area are well behaved, but there is a small minority who come to our attention for this sort of behaviour and we are working with partner agencies and the community to deal with these youngsters appropriately, and to help divert them away from this sort of activity.

“However, it’s important that young people are aware that officers are using these powers and if they continue to choose to drink and cause problems then they could end up with a criminal record, which could in turn affect their future.”

The Eastern Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team covers Holmewood, Heath, Grassmoor, Temple Normanton, Calow, Arkwright, part of Duckmanton and Sutton Scarsdale.