BOLSOVER: SSAFA action £80,000 worth of support for families during year



The secretary of the Bolsover Division of the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Families Association, Peter Bower, wished to thank SSAFA fund raisers, Tony Parker and Paddy Fagan and their dedicated teams of collectors for their hard work in raising funds throughout the year for Bolsover SSAFA. Despite the difficult economic situation in the area, the recent collection at Barlborough ‘Dobbies’ raised £355. The very generous customers are thanked for their support and the Management of Dobbies thanked for permitting the collection.

Mr Bower pointed out that applications for help for serving and ex-servicemen and their families living in the District of Bolsover has escalated over the past year. During 2012-13, hard working Bolsover SSAFA caseworkers, working in partnership with the statutory and voluntary agencies, have actioned £80,000 worth of individually designed packages of help to meet the increasing range of individual need in the Bolsover District.