BOLSOVER: Shingles vaccinations for Castle Street Medical Centre patients

The practice nurse at Castle Street Medical Centre, Jude Deehan, has informed the Patients Participation Group that she is hoping to start a vaccination programme for shingles. This programme will start on September 1 and the centre’s patients who are aged 70 will be given Zostavax. This will be given routinely to these patients and a ‘catch up’ programme will be implemented for patients aged 79 (ie, patients who were born between September 2, 1933 and September 1, 1934). These are the only groups given the vaccine this September.

There will not be a meeting of the PPG in August, so the next meeting will be on Monday, September 9. If an issue arises that you wish the PPG to be notified about, you can leave a message at the reception desk in person, or phone the surgery number and leave a message.