Bolsover residents blast ‘disrespectful’ drivers for parking in churchyard

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Residents have criticised “disrespectful” drivers for parking in a Bolosver churchyard.

Allan Turford took this picture showing the cars parked in the grounds of St Mary and St Laurence Church on Church Street.

Allan said: “It’s very disrespectful – people shouldn’t park in such a sacred place.

“I fail to see how anybody with an ounce of decency and respect for the deceased cannot be concerned.”

He posted the snaps on the Bolsover Opinions Facebook page, generating more than 200 responses.

Fiona Holmes said: “It isn’t just a piece of ground, it is a churchyard. It is consecrated.”

Debbie Shipman said: “I went to church on Friday and I was surprised to see the cars there and thought it was rather a strange place to park. There’s plenty of room on the roads and nearby car parks.”

Sophia Phillips said: “What a disgusting thing to do.”

A church spokesman said nobody is buried in that particular part of the churchyard.

They added: “They were exhumed and reburied in the old cemetery several years ago due to subsidence.”

The spokesman said the cars belonged to volunteers who helped with a recent flower festival at the church.