BOLSOVER: Patients Participation Group find out about living with learning difficulties

Castle Street Medical Centre Patients Participation Group in Bolsover held its monthly meeting on July 8 where they welcomed a presentation from Kevin White, a member of Enable’s Scrutiny Group, and a user of health and social care services and Disability Rights activist. Kevin outlined the issues faced by people with learning difficulties in their day to day living. He said that in his experience, people don’t listen, they tend to talk over you and don’t engage with you. When someone is wheelchair bound, people only look at and talk to the carer and not the person in the chair. When they go to visit the hospital or other NHS outlets, they are not given the appropriate time to enable them to get their message across.

Kevin’s aim is to get people with learning difficulties to be able to use the same health services and get as good a service as everyone else. Kevin shared the slogan “ Attitudes Are The Real Disability”.

Dr Kar informed the meeting that there will be two registrars assisting him from August and a new female doctor will be in post from September. Dr Kar was congratulated on receiving his Fellowship award in Edinburgh.

The next meeting will be on September 9.