BOLSOVER DISTRICT: Council launches crackdown on dog fouling

A stock photograph of a man walking about to step in poo
A stock photograph of a man walking about to step in poo

DOG fouling has to be one of the most disgusting problem councils up and down the country face – and Bolsover District is no different.

From playgrounds to pavements and country parks to crescents, this problem has blighted the District for many a year. But the Council is fighting back and needs your help.

Over the past few years, Bolsover District Council has stepped up their high visibility patrols, issued on the spot fines, distributed leaflets and put up posters in communities, erected signs, been into schools to educate young people and also provided free dog bags but the problem still exists.

Bolsover District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Dennis Kelly said: “This is a problem that quite frankly, should not even exist.

“Dogs are the owners’ responsibility, so they should clear up after them and not leave it to us or for a child to step in or get all over their clothes. This problem costs us, and ultimately you the taxpayer thousands of pounds every year, so if we can work together to rid the District of this problem then this money can be spent on other services for your benefit.”

Council officers cannot be everywhere all the time and that’s where the Council needs your help by reporting offenders to us. If you see someone who does not

pick up after their animal, then report it straight away - you won’t have to provide your own details if you don’t want to - all they need are details of the dog and whether the dog walker is a man or woman, location and approximate time of day when they normally walk their dog. The Council will do the rest by patrolling the area and issuing on the spot fines to any one caught breaking the law.

In fact during the past month, the Council has issued three Fixed Penalty Notices to dog owners in South Normanton, New Houghton and Langwith Junction who failed to pick up after their animal.

“We understand that it is just a minority of irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their dog, but that spoils it for the responsible ones and for everyone else. There is nothing worse than walking down the street or playing in a park only to step into or roll into dog mess. We would like to thank local residents who have already given us information on this problem and are taking pride in their local area, so, if you see someone not picking up after their dog or know of a problem area, then report it us now,” added Councillor Kelly.

Dog fouling is not only unsightly and smelly, but is also a health risk, carrying disease and parasites, some of which can lead to permanent blindness.

If you see anyone not picking up after their dog or want to report issues on dog fouling in general, please report this on or 01246 242424 so the Council can take appropriate action.