Bolsover District Council elections: Find out who has been elected in your ward.

Election 2015.
Election 2015.

Bolsover District Council remains a Labour run council following today’s election results.

The authority, which was predominantly Labour before the election, has retained its 32 Labour seats. Five independent councillors were also elected.

The following people now sit on he council:

Shirebrook East: Brian Murray-Carr, Labour, 406 votes.

Shirebrook Langwith: Frank Walker, Labour, 614 votes.

Shirebrook North West: Stephen William Fritchly, Labour, 601 votes.

Shirebrook South East: Andrew Anderson, Labour, 503 votes.

Clowne South: Karl Reid and Jim Smith, Labour, 841 and 829 votes.

Clowne North: Terry Connerton, Labour, 1,037 votes, Iris Buxton, Labour, 973 votes.

Pinxton: Mary Jane Dooley, Tom Alexander, Labour, 960 and 752 votes.

Barlborough: Hilary Gilmour, Labour, 919 votes. Brian Watson, Labour, 840 votes.

Bolsover North West: Christopher Cooper, Labour, 1,008 votes. Sue Statter, Labour, 968 votes.

Blackwell: Richard Moseby, Labour, 1277 votes, and Bryan Bullock, Independent with 1,011 votes.

Tibshelf: Susan Watson, Independent, 1,166 votes. Ray Heffer, Independent, 1,149 votes.

Elmton with Cresswell: Jim Clifton, Independent, 1,337 votes, Duncan Mcgregor, Labour, 1,328 votes, Rita Turner, Labour, 1253 votes.

South Normanton West: Emma Stevenson, Labour, 1,360 votes, Christopher Barnes, Labour, 1,288 votes, Phil Smith, Labour, 1,108 votes.

South Normanton East: Tracey Cannon, Labour, 969 votes, Andrew Joesbury, Independent, 873 votes.

Scarcliffe: Jen Wilson, Labour, 1,047 votes, Malc Crane, Labour, 871 votes.

Bolsover West: Rose Bowler, 821 votes, William Dixey, Labour, 756 votes.

Whitwell: Stuart Maiden, Independent, 476 votes, John Ritchie, Labour, 544 votes.

Bolsover South and Pleasely were uncontested Labour seats as was Shirebrook South West.