BOLSOVER DISTRICT: Council develops new sport forum

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BOLSOVER District Council is establishing a new District Sports Forum to help local clubs and organisations access information, share ideas and develop their activities.

The Council agreed to support the formation of a District Sports Forum following the demise of local sports action groups and the rise in the number of sport specific development groups.

Bolsover District Council’s Leader, Cllr Eion Watts said: “A District Sports Forum will give single and minority sport clubs, currently not catered for by sport specific groups, the chance to receive the same information and be on a level playing field with the more popular sports.

“We want as many organisations as possible to be represented on this forum so that way we can make sure clubs are working more closely together and we can then help develop sport as a whole across the District in a better more accessible way for the benefit of our local communities.”

It is intended that sport specific groups will also have a representative attending the sport forum meetings.

The forum will:

• Offer sports clubs development opportunities

• Offer the opportunity for shared ideas, shared working and shared


• Offer the opportunity to run complementary programmes and activities

• Offer the opportunity for discussion

• Offer the opportunity to attract funding to communities/clubs

• Help solve problems and avoid duplication

• Help prioritise and be mutually beneficial

The first meeting is scheduled to be held in March 2013. For more information and to register your interest please telephone 01246 242362 or email for details.