'Body parts' found in Derbyshire field

Picture: Marisa Cashill.
Picture: Marisa Cashill.

A photographer stumbled across 'body parts' in Derbyshire this morning.

Marisa Cashill was about to leg it and call the cops when she spotted the bizarre sight in a field near Doe Lea.

Pictures: Marisa Cashill.

Pictures: Marisa Cashill.

She said: "At first I was worried - my sole concern was alerting the emergency services - but I soon realised it was the lower half of a mannequin with its leg chopped off.

"I thought, 'how bizarre, someone's pulling my leg here'.

"I think the poor lass was broken because she'd been dumped last night.

"I thought I'd tell the Derbyshire Times because they like to run quirky stuff like this to put a smile on people's faces."

Marisa added: "On a serious note, this is fly-tipping - it was actually dumped next to a sign saying 'fly-tipping is a crime'. It'll cost an arm and a leg to clear it up."

Visit here to report fly-tipping.