Blind teen’s family consider legal action

NDET 12-6-12 BWJ 10 Green Family, Eckington. L-R Steph, Bev, Kelly, Geoff. and Katie Green.
NDET 12-6-12 BWJ 10 Green Family, Eckington. L-R Steph, Bev, Kelly, Geoff. and Katie Green.

CONCERNED car manufacturers are willing to co-operate with any investigation after a schoolgirl was left blind when an airbag allegedly deployed in her face.

Kelly Green, 16, of John Street, Eckington, had been a passenger in a BMW 3 series car driven by her father Geoff when the vehicle struck a controversial, central reservation kerb - which campaigners want to see removed - and the vehicle over-turned.

Mum Bev said: “You just don’t think an airbag could cause as much damage as this. If you look at the pictures of Kelly afterwards it is like a mask of bruises from the top of her eyebrows to the base of her nose.

“Doctors are not 100per cent sure what happened, but they’re surmising the blindness was caused by the airbag.”

Kelly suffered serious facial injuries during the crash along Blackstock Road, in Gleadless, Sheffield, in October, last year.

Her family has now contacted solicitors who are looking into the possibility of any legal action against the car manufacturer.

A spokesman for Fenton’s personal injury solicitors claims it firmly believes that Kelly’s injuries were caused by the airbag.

A spokesman for the vehicle’s manufacturer said: “We are saddened to hear of the personal injury to Kelly Green while she was a passenger in a BMW and our thoughts are with her and her family at this difficult time.

“We would welcome the chance to inspect the vehicle in order to carry out a thorough investigation.

“Should we be asked we would fully co-operate with any third party investigation in order to understand the causes of the crash and its effects.

“Airbags fitted to our vehicles have saved countless lives since their introduction and are a recognised safety device.

“All BMWs meet stringent international safety requirements, often exceeding these - making customer safety paramount.”