Big freeze hits region

NDET 14-1-13 RKH 19  Dronfield Snow
NDET 14-1-13 RKH 19 Dronfield Snow

SNOW and ice struck the county on Monday as commuters woke to sub-zero temperatures and forecasters are warning there could be worse to come.

Many of Derbyshire’s main roads remained clear and well gritted during the week by Derbyshire County Council after a Met Office Amber weather warning urged people to be prepared.

But there were reports of vehicles ending up in a ditch on Chesterfield Road, Barlborough, and four schools countywide closed temporarily.

Temperatures plummeted further across Derbyshire during Wednesday morning to as low as minus 5 degrees centigrade and snow is expected during Friday.

Forecasters say the UK is due to be hit by a heavy snowfall by the end of the week with some areas experiencing up to 15cm of snow on Friday.

Regional temperatures for Friday are expected to be around minus two degrees centigrade, minus four on Saturday and minus five by Sunday.

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