BEAUTY: Your complexion’s winter remedy

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When it comes to our complexions and skin hydration it is only natural that most of us assume the only season we need to take extra care in is summer.

Being vigilant with the sun’s rays is important, but what happens when the temperatures drop and the winter draws nearer do we still need to take extra care?

Heidi Dodkins, Derbyshire Times columnist

Heidi Dodkins, Derbyshire Times columnist

Cold environments can play absolute havoc with our complexions because there is less moisture in the air effecting the natural oils our skin generates which helps to maintain smooth, healthy skin.

The dryness that winter weather can generate on our skin is at best just dry skin but can lead to blotchiness, itchiness and soreness and worst still can increase the ageing process. There is an answer though and it is a simple one but you need to start acting now! First things first is to give your skin a nutritional kick every morning which you can build into your daily regime (before make up for the girls). We love Collagen regeneration by Strella modestly priced at £3.80 200ml which moisturises and tightens (, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich by Elemis £80 ( or Dior Hydra Life Close Up £54 a luxurious moisturizer to reduce the appearance of pores and deeply hydrates. And age LOC® Radiant Day isa lightweight, daily use lotion that visibly brightens and hydrates. £54.29.

By Heidi Dodkins.