Battle of Chesterfield celebrations to launch


Celebrations to mark the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Chesterfield will launch at the weekend.

A number of events will take place in Rykneld Square, outside the Crooked Spire, New Square and Burlington Street between 9.45am and 11.45am on Saturday.

The main spectacle, a large medieval-style event organised by the Chesterfield 750 group, will take place on the day of the anniversary, Sunday, May 15.

The Battle of Chesterfield, which took place in and around the town on May 15, 1266, involved baronial and royalist forces.

Historical literature states that the baronial leaders – including Baldwin Wake, the Lord of Chesterfield, and Robert Ferrers, the Earl of Derby – clashed with royalist forces led by Henry of Almain, nephew to Henry III.

The royalists used wagons to gain entry to the town.

A bloody battle ensued and the royalist forces eventually won.

Wake escaped the fighting and joined other disinherited barons at the Isle of Axholme.

Ferrers was captured, taken “in irons” to London and “totally disinherited” later that year.

Amid the fighting, men of Brampton rushed to the Crooked Spire to defend a wall in the churchyard they had made.