BARLBOROUGH: Well dressing and flower festival weekend

The ancient custom of well dressing will be revived in Barlborough on July 20 and 21. This tradition can only be found in and around the borders of Derbyshire.

On display in the Heritage Centre will be photographs of Barlborough’s Well Dressings over the last 38 years in addition to the church and chapel exhibition.

The heritage centre will be open at 8.30am followed by the annual flower festival in St James Church, Barlborough, at 10am.

At 11am until 2pm , Boots are hosting a garden party in the garden of the Heritage Centre. From 1pm until 6pm six local gardens will be open to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme.

On Sunday the festivities continue with the church being open from 10am and the Heritage Centre and Gardens from 1pm till 6pm.