BAKEWELL: St Anselm’s smash 11 records at schools’ athletics contest

A team of 39 boys and girls from years 6,7 and 8 were selected to represent St Anselm’s at the Worksop Preparatory Schools Athletics meeting last week, an event involving ten other schools from the region. Overall St Anselm’s scooped 19 gold medals and eight silver medals and won three of the six team competitions.

The St Anselm’s athletes also smashed 11 of the meeting records and equalled one of them. The team records are below:

Year 8 Girls – 2nd place overall; Year 8 boys - 1st place overall; Year 7 girls - 3rd place overall; Year 7 boys - 1st place overall; Year 6 girls - 1st place overall; Year 6 boys - 4th place overall.