BAKEWELL: Old House Museum trio devise town tour

The manager and two volunteers at the Old House Museum have made a long talked about project come to fruition.

They have devised a tour of Bakewell that starts at the town’s main bridge in the middle of town and winds its way through the town centre and up through the churchyard to the museum.

“This is something that people have suggested for a long while now but it has somehow never got to the top of the to do list”, said 53-year-old manager Anita Spencer. “Someone on one of our museum tours last year suggested it would be ideal for another visit and now we really can offer it. We have made it happen”, she added.

There will be six stops on the way and at each there will be a brief explanation of historical background and what can be seen now, as well as some lively legends, with varying degrees of believability. The tour lasts one hour or longer if people want a leisurely walk up the hill.

John Cooper, now a Great Longstone resident, said: “I have lived in the area all my life, went to school here and knew a lot about the town but I have now learned a lot more. We have done some trials and have been surprised at the number of locals who have come along to find out more about their town”.

His fellow volunteer Michael Hillam commented: “The trail followed may be barely a half mile but there is so much fascinating history crammed into the space of the town. There is something to interest and intrigue a wide variety of groups.”

Those who opt for the tour will receive a specially prepared leaflet about some of the more notable points of interest, with photos and historical images. Extensive background information has been prepared for the team of volunteer guides who are now ready to conduct the tours.

If you are interested see the museum’s website and click on group visits or telephone 01629 813642.