BAKEWELL: Newholme Hospital patients create well dressing

The art of well dressing has been adopted at Newholme Hospital as part of the therapy for older patients with mental health problems within Derbyshire Community Services NHS Trust.

Patients produced an intricate design which incorporates parts of the trust’s logo and initials – with the help of occupational therapists from the Older People’s Mental Health Service.

Occupational therapist Lorraine Turner said: “The benefits of horticulture are well researched and documented as being an excellent therapeutic activity for people experiencing mental health problems. We have adopted the art of well dressing as being one of our major therapeutic resources”.

The finished design was out on display at the hospital for patients, relatives, visitors and staff to admire before it was blessed by the hospital chaplain Dr Lide Ellesworth.

The design used a range of materials collected from the grounds of the hospital including leaves, flowers, grasses, seeds and alder cones.

Lorraine added, “Well dressing is a communal activity and recognise the importance of local tradition. As a true community art it has become an integral aspect of the hospital year in Newholme Hospital.”

A volunteer from the Stanton Day Hospital made the frame for the well dressing and over 60 people were involved in the project.