Backlash in housing dispute


A LOCAL authority argued its new council house allocation system reduced waiting list numbers despite an accusation that more than 2,000 families mysteriously disappeared from the register.

Bolsover District Cllr Duncan Kerr, of the Green Party, claimed the district council had 3,299 applicants in 2010 and by 2011 this dropped to 1,180 and he said it “did not make sense”.

But the council said its new process required applicants to submit new forms and this deterred speculative applications and applicants were each sent correspondence, forms and reminders before any cancellations.

It claims there are 1,800 people on its waiting list and reviews reduce numbers.

Cllr Kerr also said he was concerned about 128 empty properties in March 2011. The council said it had 149 empty properties at the end of November with many linked to redevelopment and others linked to sheltered housing, letting plans, gaps between tenants and Sherwood Lodge’s future plans.