Baby Daisy is a TV star

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A baby from Riddings is starring in a new TV show alongside seasoned actors Larry Lamb and Alison Steadman.

Daisy Hinett, who is just one-year-old, was chosen to be in Love and Marriage, a six-part series that started on ITV on Wednesday night.

The tot, who is the daughter of Jessica and Nicholas Hinett, starred in the first episode as ‘Baby Bridgett’ at a christening and was one of two youngsters from the region in the role.

The other was a baby from Ilkeston, and they both spent busy days filming on location in Coventry, accompanied by their families.

The youngsters are both enrolled at the Ripley Academy of Drama.

Spokesman for the academy, Felicity Cutting, said: “The two young stars really stole the show and, although they aren’t old enough to have speaking parts, were the centre of the story line!”