Awards ceremony for Boys Brigade

The 2nd Chesterfield Boys’ Brigade held the annual award and display evening, at Storrs Road Methodist Church Centre, Brampton.

Awards for the Anchors were presented by Liam Biggs to: Lucy Gillyatt (1 year service, Green Activity Award ), Ara Lingwood (1 year Service, Red Activity Award ), Maddy Jepson (1 year Service, Red Activity Award ) Ryan Stanfield (1 year Service, Red Activity Award) and Lewis Rogers (1 year Service Blue Activity Award).

Awards for the Juniors were presented by Lt John Lenthall to: Sam Kirk (3 year Service, Bronze Award and Junior Target Badge), Thomas Richardson-Jarvis (3 year Service, Bronze Award and Junior Target Badge), Jacob Hems (2 year Service, Bronze Award and Junior Target Badge), Abeer Kapoor (1 year Service, Bronze Award and Junior Target Badge), Daniel Hepplewhite (1 year Service, Bronze Award and Junior Target Badge), Zara Gillyatt ( 3 year Service, Silver Award), Thomas Armstrong-Read (2 year Service, Silver Award), Ashley Haworth (2 year Service, Bronze Award), Lucy Haworth (2 year Service, Silver Award), Alex Ediker (6 year Service, Gold Award) and Daniel Shipley (1 year Service, Silver Award).

Company Section awards were presented by the Captain of the company to: Dawn Scollay (2 year Service, level 2 of Recreation, Community and Skills badges and the Discovery Badge), and Luke Young (11 year service and the Challenge Plus Silver Award).

The annual trophies were presented by Sister Mavis Plater the Chaplain of the company; Anchors Church parade Attendance – Maddy Jepson; Anchors Baggaley Boy Shield – Lewis Rogers.

Junior Section Church Attendance – Thomas Armstrong-Read; General Attendance and Participation Shield – Daniel Shipley; Juniors Effort Shield – Abeer Kapoor; Company Church Attendance – Dawn Scollay; Company Section D.A.R.E Trophy – Luke Young.

Everyone in the company received a BB special badge to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Luke Young was promoted to Sergeant in recognition of his assistance to the officers and work with the younger members of the company.

Two former members of the company David Nash and James Cowie, who had been the first Queen’s Men in the company in 1990, along with the Captain’s father-in-law, Clifford Rooks (who had gained the same award when it was the King’s Badge) were invited to present the Queen’s Badge, the highest BB Award that can be gained, to the newly promoted Sgt Luke Young.

Prior to the awards ceremony, parents and friends enjoyed seeing snippets of what the boys and girls do at their regular Monday evening meetings.

Acting talents were to the fore in two comedy sketches ‘Five go Mad at Tea’ (based on the Famous Five books) and ‘The Weary Traveller’ and Daniel Shipley with a monologue of a telephone conversation about the Feeding of the 5,000.

The Juniors demonstrated how to make a 999 call and the composition of the Union Flag. Lucy Haworth showed off her stilt-walking talents and the Anchors put together a large model of the BB badge and explained the meaning behind each part.

The evening closed with Thomas Armstrong-Read playing the National Anthem.