Attacker could be jailed for Christmas

From the courts
From the courts

CHRISTMAS in jail could be looming for a Chesterfield yob who punched a teenager in the face following a drinking session.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Thomas Johnson, 18, was waiting at Beetwell Street bus station when a friend threw a juggler’s hoop and it annoyed another group including Michael Howe as it landed near them and threats were issued.

Mr Johnson decided to leave the bus station and he was punched by 22 year-old Howe.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said: “This took the complainant by surprise. It appears to have been an unprovoked attack.”

Someone shouted police were coming, according to the court, and Howe’s group ran off but he was arrested.

Howe, of Station Road, Hollingwood, admitted the November 13 assault. He has previous convictions for violence, threatening behaviour, disorder and drunken behaviour.

Sentence was adjourned for probation service reports and Deputy District Judge Andrew Davison warned Howe he could be locked up at the next hearing, on December 19. Steve Brint, defending, said Howe was evicted by his mother and excluded from school. He developed drink and drug problems and was homeless for two years.

Mr Brint added: “The drugs have subsided but the drinking has increased. On the day of this offence he was with some people. They had a vast amount to drink. He pushed one of his friends and the complainant approached in the mistaken belief there was some trouble. He mistakenly thought the complainant was going to assault him and he struck out.”