Attack dog is still on the run


A STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier facing the death penalty for attacking a police dog is still “on the run”, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Officers were dealing with a suspected firearms offence when the bull terrier, named Buster, suddenly appeared from a house in Main Street, Shirebrook.

“A female shouted for it to come back but it ignored her and ran into the street where it attacked the police dog.

“Officers had to pull it off the police dog which suffered injuries to its leg. It was visibly shaking and was limping for three days.

“An officer suffered a swelling to his knee while trying to get the bull terrier off,” said Helen Griffiths prosecuting.

Shirley Storer (30) was arrested and initially admitted the dog was hers but she then said it belonged to Andrew Black.

He has not been traced and the dog’s whereabouts were unknown, said Mrs Griffiths, adding that Buster was dark brown with a white chest.

Storer, now of Grove Road, Church Warsop, denied being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control last July 19. She was convicted after failing to attend her trial.

She admitted charges of theft of X-box games last December 27, and attempted theft of X-box games and going equipped for theft with a foil lined bag on December 30. The offences took place at Tesco, in Clowne.

She received a 16-week jail term but it was suspended for a year by District Judge Andrew Davison, who imposed a one-year probation supervision order, including a nine-month drug rehabilitation programme, with £124 compensation to Tesco and £185 costs.

Mr Davison imposed a destruction order on the dog, should it ever be traced.

“Police were responding to an incident where it appeared she was a victim of a firearms offence. Officers stormed the property and left the door open, allowing the dog to escape.

“The dog has never belonged to her and she has no knowledge of its whereabouts,” said Joe Harvey, for Storer.

He told the court that she stopped using heroin and a dealer then threatened to harm her if she did not pay for drugs given to her earlier as “freebies”.

“She stole the X-box games and gave them to him but he said that wasn’t enough and she would have to get more. She went back to the store and was detained on that occasion,” added Mr Harvey.