ASHOVER: Parish council’s bid to tackle dog mess concern



Ashover Parish Council held its April meeting in The Sports Pavilion, Milken Lane, Ashover, chaired by Cllr E. Willmot.

A resident drew attention to the amount of dog faeces present on Malthouse Lane and Overton. The dog warden at NEDDC would be requested to renew signs on pavements to “pick up or pay up”. The advice of the Countryside Ranger would be sought.

A planning applicant outlined proposals under planning application 13/00177/FL at Cottage Farm, Hardmeadow Lane, Ashover.

PCSO Mike Coates reported that no crimes had been reported since the last meeting.

The Probation Service would be working in partnership with the Parish Council from May onwards on a monthly basis on a Sunday. General maintenance work would be carried out in the cemetery and on the playing field and the Lengthman would oversee the work.

A grant bid for the refurbishment of the public convienience had been supported by Viridor Credits subject to approval by Entrust. An application to Entrust had been submitted.

Audits had taken place in December 2012 and March 2013 with no matter arising.