ASHOVER: Municipal tennis on agenda at parish council meeting



Ashover Parish Council held its February meeting in the Sports Pavilion, Milken Lane, Ashover, chaired by Cllr E. Willmot.

Insp Glen Hoggard introduced himself to members, having recently taken over the North East Section. Road salt taken from a grit bin in the parish had been witnessed and reported to the police, and this was being investigated. A theft, attempted theft and minor assault had taken place in the parish since the last meeting. The Farmwatch initiative was ongoing and proving successful.

District Cllr P. Ramshaw, reported that parking on Hockley Lane was causing damage to the wall and verge. It was requested that the 30mph limit on Hockley Lane be extended, and this had been referred to Derbyshire County Council by the clerk.

A planning applicant addressed members on application for Wilkin House farm, Stonedge, which had been withdrawn, but would be resubmitted, following the retrieval of historical information on the footprint of the original dwelling.

Grit bins were requested to be sited at the bottom of Westedge Close, Kelstedge, and Hodge Lane, Uppertown, to be sited nearer the B5057.

A member of the public and planning applicant addressed the council on planning applications for Fall Mill, Ashover.

The working group had considered the agreement and associated availability of Municipal tennis, and put forward for approval and signature a temporary extension to the current agreement until July 31, 2013, to allow for league matches already booked, together with a revised agreement effective from August 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014, which included extended Municipal playing times. Members also took into account the presentation made by the chairman of the Tennis Club under public participation. The temporary and revised agreements with Ashover Tennis Club were approved for signature.

Three quotations had been sought for the grounds maintenance contract and a three-year contract was awarded to North East Derbyshire District Council.

Water run-off onto Moor Road in Ashover was discussed. Following development in the area some years ago, water run-off in the area had become a problem as a watercourse had been blocked. Water running down Hillside and Far Hill required maintenance by the Highways Authority. A letter would be sent to Derbyshire County Council regarding surface water on carriageways around the parish.

Members had attended a meeting with a DCC Cabinet Member and DCC Highway Officer to discuss safety at Span Carr crossroads. The meeting had proved positive, with road marking materials being improved in the near future and a funding bid for vehicle activated signs to be installed on the A632, warning of traffic approaching from Alicehead Road and Birkin Lane. A letter had been sent from the parish council to DCC Cllr P. Riggott requesting support for the funding bid for the scheme.

Thirteen tons of road salt had been purchased and used to date and approval was given for a further four tons. A new grit bin would be provided at Westedge Close, Kelstedge.

Consideration was given to fees and charges for the pavilion and cemetery from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 and these would remain unchanged.

A grant of £150 was made to Ashover Arts Club.