ASHOVER: Every penny counts for Bible Society collectors



Ashover Church members Peter and Viv Lord are nursing sore fingers after sitting down and counting £82.98 in bronze coins, £88.60 in five pence pieces, £51.40 in ten pences, £86.80 in 20 pences, £91 in 50ps, £1 and £2 coins and £280 in notes and cheques from 42 Children’s Society collecting boxes in the Ashover and Amber Churches mission and ministry area. The grand total of £680.78 has been sent to the society to further its work in this country. Peter explained: “Part of the Children’s Society’s work is with young runaways who have left home to live on the streets of our towns and cities. These young people are cared for and helped from falling into theft and prostitution so they can become useful citizens.” Peter and Viv have thanked all supporters for their latest contributions and have offered to provide ‘small change’ boxes for people who would like to help the society in its work. They can be contacted on 01246 590581.