ASHOVER: Church’s young gardeners mirror parable

Young members of All Saints Church, Ashover, have taken up gardening on a small scale – but they don’t expect anything to grow in some parts of their plot.

Their miniature allotment, in a plant tray, includes an area covered with stones, weeds, and so little soil that the seeds they have scattered are most unlikely to germinate.

“The children have been learning about the parable of the sower and are looking forward to seeing what happens to the seeds placed on the path we have created where birds are likely to eat them while some are in rocky ground where the plants will wither because there is too little soil and other seeds are among weeds which will choke them - but we certainly expect the seed in good soil to grow and flourish,” said adult helper Aileen Taylor.

The youngsters showed off their miniature allotment, together with small pots of cress they had also planted, during a recent Sunday morning service and brought them to the harvest festival to show how they were growing.