ASHOVER: Church members are given a graphic talk on Rwanda

A graphic account of life in Rwanda less than 20 years after the country was ravaged by genocide, was given to Ashover church members by the village’s Claire Bonsall who recently visited the country, with her brother, Mark.

They made the trip with members of the Goboka Rwanda Trust, a Bakewell-based charity, set up in 2009 to improve the lives of the Rwandan people. It funds much-needed community-based projects which in turn encourage people to work together which helps to establish peace and harmony and break down tribal divisions brought about by the genocide of 1994.

Claire used images to illustrate her talk which demonstrated how projects such as rabbit-breeding, water-harvesting, a village grinding mill, the construction site of a health centre and a sewing school had improved the lives of people in small rural communities.

“Claire’s presentation gave us a very revealing insight into the progress made in Rwanda since the atrocities of 19 years ago and how the lives of the local people could be improved tremendously with just a little outside help,” said Ron Eyley.

Donations from the talk will be given to the Goboka Rwanda Trust.