are kids tired or bored? Education is a valued gift

I refer to your article ‘Don’t keep them Locked in School’

One person effectively compared school to prison, suggesting that we shouldn’t keep children locked up in school all day.

The reason for education is to prepare the young for the adult world, where hard work and self-discipline are often required and enjoyment may not always be the principal objective.

Wherever possible learning should be fun, but many important concepts require effort which lead to their own rewards.

A teacher mentioned a class of five-year-olds who were exhausted by 3:15pm.

Are such children really tired, or are they bored? If it is the latter, then perhaps improved discipline or a better syllabus might be considered to bring them out of their somnolent state and assist their cognitive development.

Parents and students would do well to reflect on the fact that education is the greatest free gift that any one of us will ever receive. Anything that increases the value of this gift and gives students an advantage in later life should not be rejected out of hand.