Apprentice star James Hill apologises for parking in disabled bay in Chesterfield

The picture circulating on Twitter.
The picture circulating on Twitter.

Apprentice star James Hill has apologised after his vehicle was snapped parked in a disabled bay.

The above picture circulating on social networking site Twitter shows Chesterfield businessman Mr Hill’s Range Rover parked in the spot.

Twitter user @shoutsatcows, who posted the picture, tweeted Mr Hill saying: “Please can you stop parking in this disabled bay in Chesterfield.

“The parking space is for an 87-year-old dude with one leg, not for you to go shopping.”

The tweet, which has been retweeted 130 times, sparked a flurry of condemnation.

Mr Hill, who owns Chesterfield bar Havana Whites, said: “This incident happened at the apartment block where I live.

“I wish the family concerned had knocked on my door as I would gladly have moved my vehicle.

“I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“I won’t be responding to any Twitter abuse.”

Mr Hill, 26, enjoyed an eight-week run on hit BBC show The Apprentice last year.