Apply some calm reasoning: Stop Dunston mud-slinging

The thinly veiled slurs and attempted character assassination of Dunston Primary School teachers must not be allowed to continue unchallenged any longer – ‘Punish striking teachers, Times Talk, Derbyshire Times, Jan 10 2013.’

The latest rant is exposed as exactly that, by its language and phraseology. Using references such as ‘all businesses do some type of observation’ and ‘while working for one of the largest companies...if I did not reach their targets...’ is at the very least disingenuous.

If their usage in connection with the situation at Dunston School is intended to lend credibility to the rest of the dubious sentiments expressed thereafter.

I know it is difficult (thankfully) for a very few people whose educational experience ended at school leaving age to accept, but the truth is that no school is (or ever was) conducted along industrial, commercial or business lines, aimed at maximising financial return via reduced unit costs.

The analogy is wrong. Professionally qualified and experienced teachers can never be motivated towards increasing success and improvement (which one must assume is the intended outcome of the current distasteful furore) by the application of such ill-advised ideas, nor by the unwarranted vilification and positively Dickensian threats underlying other such references as ‘given their marching orders’ and ‘punishment for strikers.’

The majority of members of the general public would doubtless agree also that they should not be exposed undefended to such rabble rousing comments and to the ideology of the indignant self-righteous which belongs to a long gone era.

Some time for an element of calm reflection and intelligent thought needs to be applied to this unfortunate situation by all sides.

Let the mud-slinging be stopped. It is undignified, divisive and counterproductive in any area of human endeavour.

Edward Dunleavy