ANTI-SEMITISM ROW: Councillor Andy Slack punished for 'insidious' Facebook post

Councillor Andy Slack. Picture: Chesterfield Borough Council.
Councillor Andy Slack. Picture: Chesterfield Borough Council.

A councillor has been punished by Chesterfield Labour Group for sharing an anti-semitic post on his personal Facebook page.

As reported by the Derbyshire Times last week, Andy Slack - who represents Hasland on Chesterfield Borough Council - apologised for 'unintentionally' sharing the internet meme claiming 'Israel was created by the Rothschilds, not God'. It also featured a picture of a hook-nosed IDF soldier with a bloody mouth.

After learning of the news, Chesterfield Labour Group suspended Mr Slack pending further enquiries and has now concluded its investigations.

Coun John Burrows, leader of the group, said this afternoon: "We have let Coun Slack know in no uncertain terms how we feel about his action.

"We have looked in detail at his previous social media activities to identify any previous examples of similar content. We can find none. Indeed there is evidence to the contrary. He is opposed to racism in all forms.

"Nonetheless this post is so unacceptable the whips and I have returned Coun Slack to the backbenches and removed him from all special responsibilities, including his chairing role of important committees. This is for an undetermined time in the future.

"We will continue to monitor his future social media and other activities to ensure there is no repeat of this insidious post.

"In the event of the slightest future misdemeanour, Coun Slack has signed an understanding that the group whip will be removed from him and he will have to consider his role as a councillor."

Huw Bowen, chief executive of Chesterfield Borough Council, added: "The council has a strong commitment to equalities and diversity issues and we are currently carrying out our own investigation into Coun Slack’s actions."