Angela in fight over pensions

Angela Madden who is taking her pension protest to the House of Commons.
Angela Madden who is taking her pension protest to the House of Commons.

A Wadshelf woman will head to parliament this month to raise concerns about changes to the state pension.

Angela Madden, 61, will meet with members of a Westminster cross-party committee. She is one of thousands of women affected by legislation introduced in 1995 and 2011.

In 1995 the retirement age for women was increased from 60-65, in-line with men’s, but this changed again in 2011 to 66 for both men and women.

Angela had originally been expecting her pension in June 2014 but she only learned about the changes after contacting the Pension Service in 2008 - when she was told she would have to wait until September 2018.

She then found out in 2012 that she would have to wait another 18 months in-line with the 2011 Act to receive it in March 2020.

Angela said: “The Government is trying to tell us that the state pension is a benefit but I have paid my National Insurance for 40 years.

“I appreciate that pensions have changed but if this was a work-based private scheme the payments would be protected.

“They cannot just say ‘we are going to change the rules now and all your payments do not count.’”

Angela, who worked as an IT professional, took early retirement in 2008 before she got the bad news and receives a work-based pension but fears for less well-off women.

“My pension is good,” she said, “and I am in a better position than some but I expected to have a state pension.”