ALFRETON: Park School’s artwork on show at Inner Wheel association conference


Inner Wheel

President Clair Nightingale welcomed everyone to the April meeting of Alfreton Inner Wheel.

Belated greetings were given to member Joan Bowmer for her ‘special’ birthday.

Following dinner Clair gave a warm welcome to club member Chris Holroyd and her husband Roger, who were the speakers. Chris and Roger gave a very interesting talk and presentation of their trip round Namibia. The photographs shown included animals, birds, the landscape and some of the ‘facilities’ at very basic campsites. A vote of thanks was given and president Clair presented Chris and Roger with small gifts to show members’ appreciation.

The business meeting followed with correspondence and officer’s reports being read.

The president of the Inner Wheel Club of Alfreton received a request from the association president, asking if Clubs would provide some ‘happy pictures’ possibly done by a school for display at the association conference to be held in Plymouth in April. President Clair suggested the club contact Alfreton Park School to see if they would like to let the children do some pictures for display. Club members were in full agreement and so were the staff at the school when approached. President Clair and two members attended an ‘Achievers Assembly’ at the school where the children showed their pictures and received a small gift of crayons from the Inner Wheel members.

The pictures were then collected together for Clair to take for display at the conference in Plymouth.