ALFRETON: New session for heritage trust’s local history workshop

The new session for Alfreton & District Heritage Trust Local History Workshop will begin on Thursday, September 20, 2pm, at Firs House, Rodger’s Lane, Alfreton.

The fortnightly meetings will investigate the history of Riddings from the start of the industrial era of 1790 onwards, under the expert guidance of Dr Dudley Fowkes.

The study of Early Riddings has been completed, so there should be no more unexpected and indecipherable court rolls in Latin, or off-putting tattered remnants of deeds which have been partly devoured by mice and insects.

Several existing class members are keen collectors of Riddings ephemera and often bring items to the class for students to enjoy.

Existing, lapsed and new students will all be welcomed to the fortnightly workshops. The cost is £20 for seven meetings