Adorable Peak District farmyard animals have the cutest unlikely friendship

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These adorable animals have become inseparable after striking up an unusual farmyard friendship.

Best friends Buddy the Calf and Larry the Lamb were both orphaned on the same day and now spend their days frolicking around the fields at Ox Pastures Farm in Hassop.

The pair’s radical relationship means they have been saved from the slaughter after winning over the hearts of their farmer and his family.

Lucinda Foster, whose family owns the farm, said: “They were both orphaned on the same day so they were thrown together as the orphans of the family.

“Since then, they’ve become inseparable. They hate being without each other.

“They sleep next to each other and rest their heads on one another, it’s really sweet.

“There’s no way we could ever get rid of them now.”

Buddy and Larry were both born in March, but both of their mothers died when they were just days old.

“We tried pairing them with other mothers but it just didn’t work out, and I didn’t want to leave them on their own in case they died,” said Lucinda.

“They were both being bottle-fed with baby powder so we put them together and it didn’t matter that they were different.

“They just got on like a house on fire and it hasn’t changed since.”

Despite their rocky start, the unlikely duo - now six months old - love nothing more than skipping around the farmyard together.

Lucinda, 20, said: “They just love skipping around the fields together.

“They think each other is a lamb or a calf - it’s like they’re looking in the mirror.

“They’re the best of friends and they hate being apart, and they never seem to fight.

“I think they really will be friends for life.”

Photos by Villager Jim.