Abandoned girl’s reunion

A woman who was abandoned as a baby 25 years ago has been reunited with the couple who found her.

Newborn Victoria Vardy made front page news in 1987 when she was found zipped up in a canvas bag in Chesterfield Co-op by Bob Kynman and his wife Marilyn.

Bob, 71, who opened the holdall bag after a customer raised the alarm, said Victoria had always been in his thoughts.

He added: “I was over the moon to meet her. I was apprehensive but it feels as though we know her already.”

Last week after more than two decades, Victoria - who was adopted by a Chesterfield couple - launched an emotional appeal in the Derbyshire Times to find her birth mother.

After meeting the couple at their home in Kingsclere Walk, Chesterfield, she said: “I’ve not had time to process it all yet.

“Just before I walked through the door I thought ‘oh God how are they going to react’ but it has been lovely to finally meet them.”

Marilyn, who held newborn Victoria when she was discovered on the store’s stairs, added: “When I saw Victoria’s picture in the Derbyshire Times I thought she looked so familiar.

“To be honest she’s never been out of our minds, I was such a big thing.”

Victoria, originally named Katy Elder by hospital staff, was believed to be only 12 hours old when she was found and still had several inches of umbilical cord, fastened with a paper clip.

She said: “I’ve got the space in my life for someone but I’m not looking for a new family.”

Bob and Marilyn later visited Victoria at Scarsdale Hospital’s special care baby unit and Co-op staff donated a teddy.