A life saving service wants to expand in Derbyshire

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A charity which installs vital defibrillators in buildings and workplaces wants to help save lives across the county.

AED Donate already operates in Staffordshire and is now looking for schools, supermarkets, pubs and businesses to get behind the campaign and fundraise for more equipment to help patients when they have suffered cardiac arrest.

Fundraiser Kevin Turner said: “Cardiac arrest is one the country’s biggest killers and when someone is in arrest those minutes afterwards are vital to survival.

“The average response time for an ambulance is 8.4 minutes but the brain starts to shut down after four minutes so these people need to be treated straight away.”

Current UK survival rates among people who have a cardiac arrest outside hospital remain extremely poor, varying from two per cent to 12 per cent dependent on area.

Although the links within the chain of survival are paramount, early defibrillation is crucial, with a ten per cent decrease in survival with every minute of delay. CPR, when combined with effective defibrillation for shock-able rhythms and appropriate post-resuscitation care, results in survival rates that exceed 50 per cent.

AED want to get defibrillators, which stop the heart and then restart it again with a more regular rhythm, placed on buildings around the area.

These machines will be accessible all the time so if someone is having a cardiac arrest when a 999 call is made the operators will be able to pinpoint the nearest defibrillator.

A code will be given to unlock the box and then the box gives verbal instructions in how to operate it.

Kevin said: “We need to work with people to raise awareness of how important they are and the impact they can have on saving a person’s life.

“For us this is the next logical step for us to expand just over the border we already have a structure that we know works so we want to implement it here.”

Now AED is looking for people in Derbyshire who would like to have a defibrillator fitted to their buildings.

An external defibrillator and heated cabinet box costs £2,000 which would have to be raised by the workforce who want it so to help with this AED project manage the campaign and provide support throughout such as raffle prizes and print raffle tickets.

Kevin added: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to fundraise so we take the hard work out of organising things.

“We really want the people of Derbyshire to see how important this is and we want to work you to help saves lives.

“We hope you never need to use it but there will be someone who does and will be grateful that they could be treated in time.”