A-LEVEL RESULTS DAY: Agonising wait for Chesterfield students is finally over

A-Level Results
A-Level Results

Months of sleepless nights for students across the Chesterfield area are finally over today as they pick up their eagerly-awaited A-Level results.

Schools and colleges threw open their doors at around breakfast time for students to find out if years of hard work had finally paid off.

Reports suggest that a record number of university places are expected to be allocated through the clearing process this year after the Government lifted rules, while universities are now allowed to recruit as many students as they want.

Chesterfield College students had good reason to celebrate when they collected their results, recording a 97 per cent pass rate - 60 per cent being high grades, with many students leaving with a huge smile on their face and the knowledge that the next step in their career was secure.

And in the first year of A Levels, otherwise known as AS Levels, college results had a nine per cent increase in success - putting them well above the national average, with high grades up by five per cent.

Meanwhile, staff, students and parents at Dronfield’s Henry Fanshawe School are celebrating their best ever results - and celebrated in style with a slap-up breakfast.

Students at Tupton Hall School celebrate another fantastic year of results.

Students at Tupton Hall School celebrate another fantastic year of results.

This year 99 per cent of entries gained pass grades, 56 per cent achieving A*/B and 83 per cent at grade C and above.

Headteacher Teresa Roche said: “We are delighted for our students and their families. These are excellent results which are testament to the skill, commitment and hard work of staff and students.

“The value added they represent to our students is outstanding and means that the vast majority of students are celebrating acceptance at places on top flight courses at competitive universities and apprenticeship providers.

Huge thanks to our exams team who have been in school from 6am this morning getting everything ready for our celebration breakfast and to all those staff, students and parents who made it a record turnout this year. Well done everyone.”

We are delighted for our students and their families. These are excellent results which are testament to the skill, commitment and hard work of staff and students

Headteacher Teresa Roche

Eckington School’s results are: Lucy Ansell: Eng Lit, Hist, Psych; Claire Bonsall: Fur Ma, Geog, Maths; Adam Bumford: Geog, Maths, Phys; Joseph Cockrell: Bu Stud, Photo, ResMats; Alice Connolly: Art & Des, Theatre St, Eng Lit; Meghann Crofts: Art , Photo, Graphics; Lucy Crossland: Eng Lit, Hist, Sociol; Ruby Cunningham: Art, Photo, IT; Shannara Cunningham: Eng Lang, Psych, Sociol; Elise Davidson: Photo, Eng Lang; Fern Deffley: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Psych; Holly Dickinson: Film St; Melissa Dorling: Photo, Graphics, Geog; Daniella Dunn: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Hist, Psych; Thomas Gambles: Eng Lang, PE, Psych; Tobias Gavelle: Film St, Geog, Geol; Alexandria Godber: Art, Photo, Textiles; Shannon Gresham: Photo, Film St; Joshua Hands: Graphics, Eng Lang, Geog; David Haydock: Fur Ma, Maths, Phys; Luke Holden: Chem, Maths, Phys; Bethany Holmes: Biol, Geog, Geol; Melanie Hopkins: Textiles,Theatre St; Alex Jackson: Fur Ma, Maths, Phys; Lauren Jones: Art, Textiles, Eng Lang; Bethany Keers: Art, Music, Sociol; Sarah Kesteven: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Hist; Chloe Leatherland: Bu Stud, Sociol; Robbie Marain Jones: Chem, Maths, Phys; Benjamin Marper: Eng Lit, Law, Psych; Amy Marsden: Eng Lang, Hist; Jade Munnelly: Geog, Law; Rebecca Murphy: Eng Lang, French; Sophie Murphy: Bu Stud, Eng Lit, French; Georgia Murray: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, French; James Nelson: Bu Stud, Psych, Sociol; Lauren Nettleship: Eng Lang, Film St, Psych; Beth Oates: Photo, Eng Lit, Film St; William Onions: Eng Lang, PE; Hei Lim Pun: Eng Lang, Fur Ma, Maths; Emily Rhodes: Geog, Geol, Hist; Laura Rigsby: Art, Photo; Georgia Smith: Geog, Geol; Jordan Smith: ResMats, Theatre St; Kelly Stocks: Photo, Textiles;

Sophie Taylor: Theatre St, Eng Lang; Jake Tomlinson: Sociol; Olivia Walker: Biol, Hist; Jessie Westnidge: Photo, Bu Stud; Sally Wolstenholme: Fur Ma, Geog, Maths; Brooke Woolley: Textiles, Eng Lit, Sociol; Kieron Worrell: IT, Maths, Phys; Laura Wragg: Textiles, Eng Lang,

Eckington School’s headteacher, Patrick Cummings, congratulated the students on producing their best ever results.

He said, “Our attainment has been rising steadily for the last five years. However, our A-Level results today show a significant leap compared to last year’s. Our confident hope is that almost all of our students who wish to go to university will receive a place at the university of their choice.”

Meanwhile, Chesterfield’s St Mary’s Catholic High School says it ‘is extremely proud of this year’s A level students and their results’.

Students there have achieved highly across all ability ranges with its average point score per student being 824.

The percentage of A and B grades together accounted for 61 per cent, with 8.7 per cent of students gaining four or more A grades as well as 22.8 per cent gaining three or more A grades.

Headteacher Sean McClafferty thanked the students for ‘their hard work, eagerness to learn and enormous contribution to the life of the school’. He also congratulated them on ‘their remarkable examination success’ and wished them well for the future.

He said he was also ‘indebted to his hardworking and talented staff without whom this high level of achievement could not be sustained’.

Students at Brookfield Community School have once again achieved some excellent results, allowing them to go on to seek further success in higher education and employment. Twenty two per cent of all grades awarded were A* or A, and almost half the grades awarded were a B grade or above. There were many examples of significant achievement and attainment including Peter Spriggs who achieved four A* grades and one A grade, Jamie Cory who achieved two A* and two A grades, Tobias Allcock, Billy Calladine, Matthew Haring, Daniel Holmes, Lucy Hopkinson, Phoebe Hurst and Samuel Shaw who achieved all A* or A Grades and Lewis Wilson who achieved four A grades.

At Tupton Hall School, students once again achieved a 99 per cent pass rate, with 71 per cent of grades being A* - Cs.

The subjects which achieved the most top grades were psychology, art and travel and tourism.

Many Tupton Hall students are now heading to universities across the country to continue their education, studying everything from maths, media and geology to criminology and comedy.

Head of sixth form Charlotte Burton said she was ‘incredibly proud’ of what the students had achieved this year, adding: “The pressure on students to achieve the highest level is immense. Our students are applying for highly competitive courses such as social work, primary education and law. They worked hard for their exams and completed extensive work to ensure that when the results were published their places at their chosen universities could be confirmed.

“It is a very stressful time but ultimately fantastic to see so many of our students celebrating their achievements and looking forward to a wonderful future.”

And headteacher Andrew Knowles said: “We are delighted that this cohort of students have realised their potential and now have the qualifications to open doors to university places, apprenticeship placements and further education and training opportunities.

“The hard work of our wonderful students, our highly skilled staff and supportive parents and families has secured these results for the school.”

Kaya Scott-Skingsley is one of the highest achieving students this year, having gained an A* and three As in business studies, maths, further maths and psychology. She has been at Tupton Hall School since she was 11, and this September will embark on a maths degree at the University of Leeds.

Kaya said: “I’m so pleased with my results. I couldn’t have hoped for better grades.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Tupton Hall sixth form. It’s the people that make it great, like Mrs Greenwood my maths teacher who has really helped me.

“The sixth form is lively and friendly. And there are a lot of places around school where you can go to study either on your own or with other people, which I found really useful.”

Some outstanding individual achievements:

Kaya Scott-Skingsley (A* A A A)

Emily Kinsell (A* A A B)

Rebecca Delaney (A* A* B)

Georgina Rawson (A A A)

Katie Rhodes (A* A B)

Megan Lee (A* A C)

Skye Henson (A* B C)

Catherine Halford (A* B)

Billy Edwards (A A B C)

Millie Nicholson (A A B)

Liam Gilliver (A A C)

Netherthorpe School students were also celebrating as they helped the school’s pass rate rise to 97 per cent, meaning that the vast majority of students gained the grades they needed to enter either university or apprenticeships.

One of this year’s feature was the large increase of students moving straight into the work environment with apprenticeships gained at many leading companies, such as RBS, Bowmer and Kirkland and a highly coveted apprenticeship for James Reynolds at Rolls Royce.

For students following a more traditional route, places were offered at many of Britain’s leading red-brick universities, including Adam Milner’s acceptance at Oxford. Meanwhile Leah Haywood and Rebecca Marsh celebrated the double delight of straight As and acceptance onto medical degree courses.

Headteacher Alan Senior said: “Once again Netherthorpe is witnessing a day of great celebration for so many of our students. I am delighted with the A-Level results and commend the hard work of our students and teachers alike. I am particularly pleased to see how many of our students have been welcomed onto Young Apprenticeships by a whole host of leading British companies. I wish all our students well on the next exciting phase of their lives, whether at University or in the workplace”.

Pupils from the Derbyshire area who attend Birkdale Senior School in Sheffield have also notched up impressive results.

They are Katy Beale, Eng Lang, Eng Lit, GS, Mus ; Olivia Betts, Art and Des*, Comp, Des and Tech; Thomas Buchan, Chem, Maths, Phys; Alice Dear, Des and Tech, GS, Geog, Maths; Megan Edge, Biol, Des and Tech, GS; Edward Gosney, Chem, GS, Maths, Physics; Edward Harrison, BS, GS, Geog, Psy; Jonty Holtum, Econ, Maths, Fu Maths; James Hunston, BS, Des and Tech, GS, Psy; George Middleton, Class Civil, Econ, GS, His; Dominic Myers, BS, Econ, GS, Geog; Daniel Nolan, GS, His, Mus, RS; Anusha Ravi, Biol, Eng Lit, Maths; Adam Turner, BS, GS, PE, Psy; Fergus Wish, Biol, Chem, Des and Tech, GS.

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